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TearDrops - Hilfe für Kashmir


Tear Drops e.V. - founded by people who want to help.

Since 2016, the non-profit organization Tear Drops e.V. has been helping especially women and children in Jammu & Kashmir India who are in need: we support women and children who need education as well as medication but are unable to afford it.

Jammu & Kashmir is a state in the north of India that has been strongly affected by the political clashes in recent years and additionally, has been hit by major floods, of which the damage cannot be repaired.
A lot of people need support here, and their income is quite low too.
When we visited the region in 2016, it became clear that we wanted to help there.

Through collaborating with the “Educational Trust Kashmir” in the capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar, we support children so that they can attend school in Srinagar. With the “IFAWK for needy people” foundation, we support sick people who need medication.

All local organizations are trustworthy and review the indigence of the applicants by having their income verified and by making home visits. Through this transparency, we can be certain that our help will benefit those who truly need it.