this is us

We are a group of people from various backgrounds – such as tax consulting, engineering, medicine, alternative medicine, or the textile industry – but we have one thing in common: we want to do something, to make the lives of people in need of help in Jammu and Kashmir a bit better.

Our Vision

A world where every child has a right to live, safety, education and personal development. A world where women support themselves because they have a good education – this is where we want to start in Jammu and Kashmir.

Making it easy

Our vision forms the basis of our actions and the ways in which we help. The universal principles of human dignity and solidarity are the base for our work. We want to help in Jammu and Kashmir wherever it is necessary. First projects, such the supply for winter blankets, have been started.


The association provides capacity building. The extent of the emergency determines the succession of assistance and support. Local employees evaluate the needs independent of the people’s origin, religion, social status and political conviction.


Teardrops does not engage in political, religious, ethnic or ideological disputes and does not let its actions be effected by such.